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The Green Initiative

Reduce Reuse Recycle

All Office Machines Inc. is committed to working with our partners and our community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to minimize the environmental impact of the products we sell and use. 

The manufacturers work hard to make sure the products are energy efficient and made of recycling and or recyclable materials. One of the most significant impacts is the toner cartridge.  The manufacturers have programs in place to have the cartridges returned to be recycled and not placed in the landfill sites.  It is our job to help promote the recycling programs to the end user to ensure the supplies end up in the proper place. 

Lexmark’s Recycling Program
Lexmark has implemented the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program to encourage you, our customer, to easily recycle your empty Lexmark cartridges and Photo conductors (PC). This program is designed to help ensure that empty Lexmark print cartridges and also worn PC units are properly recovered, reused or recycled; resulting in less solid waste and fewer resources consumed. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program is always free to the consumer and is designed to be easy to use. 

Returning empty laser cartridges:

  1. After installing your new cartridge into your Lexmark printer, put the used cartridge in the bag from your new cartridge and seal the bag.
  2. Put the sealed bag into the empty toner cartridge box and tape it securely.
  3. Attach the return label (that came with the new cartridge) on the outside of the secured cartridge box.
  4. Return with the courier provided on the label or call or email All Office Machines to pick up next time we are in your area.

Sharp’s Recycling Program 
Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. is committed to conduct business operations and activities in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. Sharp’s commitment to promote the development of environmentally conscious products has resulted in products that are energy efficient, require minimal resources to produce, are made with easily recyclable materials, have greater product lifecycle, and easy to disassemble for recycling at end of life. To further this commitment we have expanded our Toner Cartridge Recycling program to include recycling of all empty toner cartridges from photocopiers, network printers, and facsimile products. Through this program we will be diverting empty toner cartridges from ending up in our landfill sites. 

Four Simple Steps:

Step 1. 
Use only the packaging from your new toner; do not use any other packaging. Place used toner cartridge in the carton and seal with packing tape. 

Step 2. 
Please return when possible, eight to ten empty toner cartridges per shipping label to help conserve resources, reduce energy use and shipping costs.

Place them in a used cardboard carton and seal, or you may also bundle multiple individual cartridge boxes together securely with tape. When bundling multiple cartridge boxes, please make sure you have no more than two rows of four cartridge boxes across. 

Step 3. 
Click to print a Prepaid Shipping Label. Please affix the label to the top of the carton.

Step 4. 
If you already have a Commercial pick-up agreement with Canada Post, simply include the above cartons with your daily outbound items. Otherwise, drop off the cartons at your nearest postal outlet or call or email All Office Machines to pick up next time we are in your area. 

All Office Machines Inc. Recycles.
All Office Machines Inc. believe there is a place for every product.  It doesn't matter if it is big or small, new or newish, there is a home for almost every system.  Some may have been loved a little more than the other, some may show signs of age but one thing is for sure all they are not all ready for copier heaven, just yet.  All Office Machines Inc. will do what is needed to keep these systems working as long as there is life left in them.  For the systems that are not salvageable they are used for parts and or disposed of through e-waste.

What you can do?  How you can help keep our environment Greener and Cleaner?  What will you do to help Ontario reduce its e-waste?

Over 100,000 tonnes of electronic waste has been recycled in the last three years — but less than 50% of Ontarians actually recycle their old electronics.

Ontarians have diverted more than 100,000 tonnes of e-waste from landfill. But there's more work to do…

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and TVs — the faster technology evolves, the more we consume, leaving more and more old devices improperly disposed of. That's why we're challenging Ontarians to take the pledge to get their old electronics recycled.

Read on to get the facts and learn how you can help Ontario recycle the next 100,000 tonnes of e-waste!  Click here.

For information on Environmental Handling Fees  Click here.