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Protecting your office equipment from crazy weather

Protecting Office Equipment from Crazy Weather

Protecting office equipment from crazy weather is something our customers have been asking recently.

We have been receiving the past few months quite a few electrical power outages, brownouts, flickering, etc. due to our crazy snow, ice storms and soon to be thunder and lightning storms.   So for that reason, this is an excellent time to be reminded to have your office equipment connected to the appropriate electrical sources. 

The Importance of Appropriate Electrical Source and your Office Equipment

Customers tell me how they wouldn’t be able to function without their office copier/printer. There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t depend on it. Whether it be for scanning, printing, faxing or just for a simple photocopy.

Many say, “that their office copier/printer is the core piece of equipment. They can’t live without it.”   So let’s make sure it is protected!

How can you go about protecting your Office Equipment from crazy weather?

  • Each multi-functional device should have a dedicated electrical outlet. So it can provide stability and regulated voltage to your office equipment.
  • You should have an approved electrical surge/power filter supplied by your office equipment provider. They will make sure it can withstand the protection needed.
  • Never plug your multi-functional device into an extension cord or a multi-extension cord. It would be to easy to overload the circuit. That could potentially cause damage to either one or all pieces of equipment. 

Possible signs you are not using dedicated electricity

• Your multi-functional device is producing ghosting or shadows on copies /prints

• Smearing or flaking of toner

• Unexplained, unrelated service calls

• Paper Jams

Continual “no problem found” service calls 

Check out the Ontario Storm Tracker to see if there are storms coming in your area.

If you are having issues with your current multi-functional device and would like some expert advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email to me at arlene @allofficemachines.ca or 705 745-3256, 800 465-8086.


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