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Multifunctional Devices and Copiers

Printing, copying and scanning are key office functions which are part of doing business. All Office Machines knows how to equip you with reliable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance devices which will get the job done.

Whether you need a workhorse multifunctional device to crank out thousands of prints per day, a high-resolution scanner to digitize your hard-copy records, or anything else, we can help you. We will work with you to find you the right machine for the job at hand.

Our catalog below shows our wide range of products. Contact us today, and we will help you to find the one to meet your needs.

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Sharp MX 5070 / 6070 Image
Sharp MX 5070 / 6070
Sharp MX 5070/ 6070 Brochure Download The color Advanced Series offer users powerful multitask... Read More
Sharp MX 3071 / 3571 / 4071 Image
Sharp MX 3071 / 3571 / 4071
Sharp MX 3071 / 3571 / 4071 Brochure Download The Sharp MX-3071 / 3571 / 4071 Advanced Series colour docu... Read More
Sharp MX 3070 / 3570 / 4070 Image
Sharp MX 3070 / 3570 / 4070
Sharp MX 3070 / 3570 / 4070 Brochure Download The Sharp Advanced Series color workgroup doc... Read More
MXM 6570 / 7570 Image
MXM 6570 / 7570
Sharp MXM 6570/ 7570 Brochure Download The Sharp MX-M6570 and MX-M7570 high-speed monochrome document systems... Read More
Sharp MXM 5050 / 6050 Image
Sharp MXM 5050 / 6050
MXM 5050 / 6050 Brochure Download The Sharp MX-M5050 and MX-M6050 Essentials Series monochrome workgroup do... Read More
Sharp MXM 2630N Image
Sharp MXM 2630N
MXM 2630N Brochure Download The Sharp MX-M2630 monochrome workgroup document systems offer crisp outpu... Read More
Lexmark XM 7370 Image
Lexmark XM 7370
XM 7370 Brochure Download With output up to 70 ppm, long-life imaging components, Ultra High Yield toner ... Read More
Lexmark XM 7355 Image
Lexmark XM 7355
XM7355 Brochure Download With monochrome output up to 55 ppm*, long-life imaging components, Ultra High Yield toner capacity, exceptional durab... Read More
Lexmark XM 5365 Image
Lexmark XM 5365
XM 5365 Brochure Download Put output at up to 65 ppm* in more places with the Lexmark XM5365, the multifu... Read More
Lexmark XM 3250 Image
Lexmark XM 3250
XM 3250 Brochure Download The Lexmark XM3250 offers printing at up to 50 pages per minute, superior print... Read More
Lexmark XM 1246 Image
Lexmark XM 1246
XC 1246 Brochure Download With its powerful processor, up to 46-page-per-minute* output, enhanced... Read More
Lexmark XM 1242 Image
Lexmark XM 1242
XC 1242 Brochure Download The Lexmark XM1242 prints at up to 42 ppm* and offers fax, two-sided sc... Read More
Lexmark XC 8160 Image
Lexmark XC 8160
XC 8160 Brochure Download Worldwide studies show that nearly 98% of all paper sales are for 8.5×... Read More
Lexmark XC 6152 Image
Lexmark XC 6152
XC 6152 Brochure Download Save time with the XC6152’s integrated software and solutions. Stay p... Read More
Lexmark XC 4150 Image
Lexmark XC 4150
XC 4150 Brochure Download The Lexmark XC4150 offers workgroup-level printing performance and advanced scanning capabilities in a ... Read More
Lexmark XC 4140 Image
Lexmark XC 4140
XC 4140 Brochure Download The Lexmark XC4140 offers workgroup-level printing performance and ... Read More
Sharp MXB 355W / 455W Image
Sharp MXB 355W / 455W
MXB 355W / 455W Brochure Download The MX-B355W / 455W Advanced Series desktop monochrome docume... Read More
Sharp MXC 303W / 304W Image
Sharp MXC 303W / 304W
MXC 303W / 304W Brochure Download The Sharp MXC304W Advanced Series and MXC303W Essentials... Read More
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