Protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers, against fraud and theft. Use a shredder to securely destroy all your confidential hard copy documents and disks in-house.

Centralized shredding services are costly and just another thing to worry about – are they really shredding your documents?

Rest easy at night, safe in the knowledge that no precious data can fall into the wrong hands when it has been destroyed on your premises.

Destroyit 2465

2465 Spec Sheet Download

SPS™ – (Safety Protection System) package: patented, electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element; EASY- SWITCH – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the shredder with varying color codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams); automatic stop if the shred bin is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection against over-heating; ZERO ENERGY standby mode: Complete, automatic disconnection from power supply after 30 minutes. Photo cell controlled automatic start and stop. With SSC™ – smart shred control: a smiley on the EASY-SWITCH element indicates the used sheet capacity during the shredding process to avoid paper jams. High-quality, paper clip proof cutting shafts from special hardened steel with a lifetime guarantee. Quiet, powerful and energy-efficient single phase motor. Fully closed gearbox housing and durable gears. High-quality wooden cabinet, mobile on castors. Convenient environmentally-friendly shred bin (no disposable shred bags required).

Security level P-2  3/16 inch strip-cut (4 mm)
Sheet capacity: 19-22*
Security level P-4  3/16 x 1 1/2 inches cross-cut (4 x 40 mm)
Sheet capacity: 13-15*
Security level P-5  3/32 x 5/8 inches cross-cut (2 x 15 mm)
Sheet capacity: 9-11*
*Certified using 8 1/2” x 11” 20 lb. bond and recommended power supply.

Shred volume, gallons: 9
Feed opening, inches: 9 1/2
Electrical requirements, volts: 115
Maximum horsepower: 3/4
Product Dimensions (D x W x H), inches: 11.5 x 15.5 x 25
Shipping weight, pounds: 58