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Sharp PNY556 / 496 / 436

Sharp PNY556 / 496 / 436

Sharp offers an effective and convenient solution for digital signage. Our PNY556/Y496/Y436/Y326 LCD monitors are designed for ease-of-use and flexibility in a variety of settings. Simple and stylish, they have the functionality to support easy content distribution. Whether in a retail, public, or office setting, these monitors can help convey your message and make an eye-catching impression. So if you’re seeking a multifaceted signage solution with round-the-clock reliability and easy content distribution, these affordable slimline monitors offer outstanding value.

Engineered for 24/7 use – in demanding professional applications that require round-the-clock operation seven days a week.

Power On Delay – lets you delay the startup of each monitor in a multi-monitor installation. This reduces the load placed on the power supply when multiple monitors are turned on at the same time.

Fanless Architecture – maintains airflow while dissipating heat, without the use of noisy, dust-creating mechanical air-ventilation fans. The fanless design also facilitates maintenance.

Built-In Speakers – eliminate the need for external speakers and ensure a stylishly streamlined profile.

Anti-Theft Covers – for USB memory device and SD card slots provide enhanced security.

Built-In Temperature Sensor – detects rising temperatures inside the monitor and automatically prompts an adjustment of the backlight brightness to keep the temperature within operational levels.

Excellent Image Quality

Full HD (1,920 × 1,080) resolution brings images to life with vivid, true-to-life details. Everything from thin lines to fine text to photographic images can be displayed in stunning clarity.

Simple and Stylish Design
A narrow 9.5-mm* bezel keeps the emphasis on onscreen content, so that information is conveyed clearly and attractively. The simple and stylish design matches a variety of locations and business settings, from small shops to large corporations and industrial environments.
* PNY556/Y496/Y436: 9.5 mm (right/left/top), 15.6 mm (bottom); PNY326: 10.6 mm (right/left/top), 15.6 mm (bottom)

Timely Content Distribution via Network
Operating over a LAN, SHARP Content Distributor software makes it easy to update the content to be displayed on multiple LCD monitors. Through simple and intuitive PC operation, you can schedule what content gets distributed, when it gets delivered, and which monitors show it. Take advantage of a convenient signage solution that lets you distribute content in a timely manner to multiple PNY556/Y496/Y436/Y326 monitors.

Note: Either a USB memory device or an SD card is required for each monitor.

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